Le Coq Sportif

Le Coq Sportif is a French manufacturing company established in 1882 by Émile Camuset in Entzheim. The company first issued items branded with its now-famous rooster trademark in 1948 derived from the Gallic rooster, a national symbol of France. Nowadays, Le Coq Sportif has a range of products including sportswear, casual clothing, and footwear. Get your 2021 pieces now. Choose and buy now on London Store Online Shop the pieces that you need. And keep in mind that on London Store Outlet Section many offers and discounted products are available for men and women including an excellent shoes proposal and a wide selection of accessories including hats, beanies, belts, backpacks, daypacks, bags, watches, luggage, hip bags, waits bags, scarves, gloves and many more. Purchase now the clothing products for your Winter 2021.